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Indoor Display


Lightweight and easy to assemble


Have you ever searched for an advertisement that is portable, lightweight, compact and in the same time effective when it has to do its job of advertising your brand?

Maybe flyers? Or pamphlets? Or why not posters? They are not that heavy and can be posted somewhere to advertise your product, right?

Well, no. While these advertising tools are quite efficient in certain situations, there are cases where you need something innovative and straightforward that will fit exactly where you need it to be.

Talking about innovative advertising we come to the talking point — X-Banners. They are lightweight, they are very easy to assemble and transport and this makes them ideal for advertising on the go.

They are most commonly used in retail stores, conventions, tradeshows, roadshows, conference and everyday advertising stands, but can be also fitted to other kind of advertising needs.

Their specific name is related to their X-like frame which collapses and can fit into a portable carry bag with minimum effort. This creates a very practical portability which is a huge advantage over regular banners or pull-up ones for instance.

X-banners are an affordable and powerful way to bring your message at any kind of event, no matter if it is and indoor or outdoor one.

They are considerably more cost effective than their PVC printed counterparts such as Roll-up and PVC hanging banners.

What are the main features?

X Banner: the most cost-effective display

X Banner super lightweight & easily carry around

It is easy to change graphic

Easy to fold and portable

Usage: advertising, promotion, exhibition, trade show and display etc.

Size: 60x160cm, 80x180cm
Paper/Material: PVC – Roll Up
Stand: X-Stand

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